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Category Archives: Third floor

Study room

[metaslider id=”355″]   A really cozy private place is on the upper third floor. It has a small bookcase, a nice window with great view and low seats. It is a

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[metaslider id=”361″]   The gym is located on the third floor, next to the master bedroom. It has a big corner balcony with a great view to the Aegean sea. The room can be used either as a gym, or a fourth bedroom or an office, according to the owner’s needs.

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[metaslider id=”362″]   The elevator booth shown on the photographs is big enough for two persons and takes you from the first floor (living room) to the second floor (play room) or the third floor (corridor outside the master bedroom).  

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[metaslider id=”365″]   A big closet (separate room) is located on the 3rd floor, next to the master bedroom. It can host a big family’s clothes and many more, as easily seen on the photos below. A big mirror is located is the closet which is made of pure wood.  

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[metaslider id=”366″]   Each bathroom is uniquely created and has its own different character. There is one WC on the first floor (available to the guests at the dining and the living room), two bathrooms on the second floor (one in the guest house and one more shared to the second and the third bedroom) […]

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Master Bedroom

[metaslider id=”294″] The master bedroom is one of the most unique and cosiest rooms of the house. It has a big window with a great view of the Aegean sea, seen from the max size double bed. It also has two big balconies at the two front corners, both with a view of the sea. […]

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