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Category Archives: The outside of the house

Front Yard

  A big oval shaped pool is located at the front yard. It also has a beautiful garden, a dining area next to the pool with a pavilion above, a 

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  There is a big parking space corridor at the main entrance where there is enough space for at least 3 big cars. The parking space is

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Outside utility rooms

  Several utility rooms are located at the yards, out of the house. We may mention the separate BBQ building, the tool shed, the small terrace at the back yard, the small warehouse that can be converted to a guest house for the auxiliary staff, the room with the heating and cooling machinery, the whirlpool […]

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Heating – Cooling

  The heating and cooling engine of the house is located in a special room at the back of the house. It is a really expensive and highly efficient system that warms and cools the house through a network of pipes located on the floors of the house. The system is fully autonomous in each […]

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  The backyard is accessible from the kitchen, the parking space or the front yard. The BBQ, the tool shed and the small terrace are located there.  

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A big BBQ autonomous room is located at the backyard. It is fully equipped with several BBQ and cooking equipment like a rotisserie, a wood oven, many cabinets, a gas oven, a big preparation bench, a microwave oven, a fridge etc.  

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